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Leopard to Ship on October 26th?

Illustration for article titled Leopard to Ship on October 26th?

Rumor has it that Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is going to be shipping in just a few weeks on Friday, October 26th. Although it's not very surprising, given that Apple usually releases new OSX versions on the last friday of the release month. If we were betting people, our money would be on the 26th. [AppleInsder]


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Trocar Jockey

There's always a lot of PC mentality when discussing Mac OS X. It's not a PC operating system and never will be. The reason it works so well is that it doesn't have to support thousands of pieces of hardware in millions of possible configurations. If it was supported on the PC, current Windows users would be less than impressed. It would be as unstable and crashy as any PC OS.

The only time Mac OS X appears as a torrent is some half-assed hacked 10.4.4 version for the PC platform (see above.) Never have I seen a virgin unadulterated DVD image of Mac OS X on torrents. The Mac OS is on the honor system (no license key required.)