Let's laugh at all these old ridiculous inventions we came up with

Visions of the future from the past always serve as an endless source of comedy. Look how dumb we were! Look how silly those people look! Look! Look! It's completely true. Our imaginations of the future are rooted in the limits of today which typically makes it an awful thought exercise. So in a few years, we'll look back at 2013 and poke fun of ourselves. But in the mean time, let's laugh at the 1930's and 1940's for these ridiculous inventions.

Digg found the video on LiveLeak and there's gold in there: the much needed ice cube mask designed to cure hangovers from 1947. A gas protecting baby stroller. Specially angled glasses that let you read while lying down. It all seems very much like a joke. However some stuff is awesome: 1931's single wheel motorcycle actually looks fantastically fun. Face cones designed to protect from snow and blizzards in 1939 definitely do not. But even when we were right, we were wrong. All terrain vehicles of 1931 look like a discombobulated set of wheels.


I love them all. You can laugh with us in the video below.


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