Let's Not Get Too Excited About Those New iPad Sales Numbers (Updated)

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Did you hear? This past weekend set all kinds of iPad sales records. Tim Cook said it! AT&T said it! And while I'm sure the new iPad was a huge part of that, let's temper our applause. There are two generations of iPad on shelves, and AT&T has confirmed that its "record numbers" from Friday include both of them.

I'm not trying to take anything away from new iPad opening weekend sales, which I'm sure were plentiful and made everybody a lot of money. But keep in mind that if the new iPad had set records on its own, Apple and AT&T would have said that loud and proud. Remember, too, that Apple loves a good "opening weekend sales numbers" press release. And on a purely anecdotal level, it's worth noting that lines cleared out quickly Friday morning, and there appeared to be ample supply at my local Apple Store as of Sunday afternoon. Things that just haven't happened during previous iPad releases.


We'll find out at the next earnings report exactly how well new iPads are moving, hopefully. Until then, just remember that all we know for sure after this past weekend is that people bought more new iPads and iPad 2s combined than they ever bought iPad 2s (or original iPads) on their own. Which is something! But maybe not what you're being led to believe. [Twitter]

Update: Nevermind, sort of! Sales were huge; Apple moved three million new iPads in the first three days. I will point out that the first two iPad launches were US-only, while this one included major markets like UK, Japan, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia, and that all those extra countries make direct comparisons pretty much impossible. But... yeah, three million's still a ton no matter how you slice it.

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I am holding out for a Windows 8 tablet. Not so much a fan of the iPad. I want Microsoft over Apple. Just goes good with all my other MS products.