iPhone 4S Sells 4 Million in One Weekend

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Remember how bummed everyone was about The New iPhone being a 4S and not a 5? Well they must not have been that upset: Apple just sold an impossible four million in three days—double the iPhone 4's record.


These are extraordinary numbers, especially given that the phone's not even fully rolled-out: you can only buy a 4S in seven countries, with 63 more by the end of the year. Although doubling sales of an already crazy-popular phone is no small feat, it probably didn't hurt that the 4S debuted in Australia and Canada alongside the usual US, UK, Japan, Germany, and France. That's two big extra markets. Can you hear that? It's Tim Cook spraying champagne in his own face. [BusinessWire]

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it's on all carriers now, is it still that huge of an achievement?