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Levi's Cellphone Finally Revealed to Worldwide Mehs

Illustration for article titled Levis Cellphone Finally Revealed to Worldwide Mehs

That Levi's cellphone (yes, the jean company) we told you about last October has finally been unveiled. To us it looks like a knockoff of a Sony Ericsson, complete with silver, black and brown trim and "shiny silver" and "shiny sand" editions.


Unlike when fashion house Prada joined heads with LG and made the Prada Phone, Levi's solution doesn't look fashionable or cutting edge. Normally we'd complain about phones only being released in Europe and not the US, but in this case we'll save our groans for another day.


Press Release [PRNewswire via Gearlog]

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Maybe this is the phone that you can sit on and it won't break. I mean, if it's going to be in your back pocket and all, it had better be sit-onnable, right? Maybe it's like that time when your friend said "Hey, I've got this baseball so why don't you get your wiffle ball bat and we'll see how far we can hit it!" and you just kind of went along with it not so much because you thought it would be fun but just to see what the failure envelope of a wiffle ball bat was. So you took a swing at the baseball with your wiffle ball bat and the baseball ended up folding your wiffle ball bat in two so it flopped around like the leftover cardboard tube from last year's christmas wrapping paper after you whacked your kid sister with it a few times. "Great," you thought, "... now I know for sure that even though a wiffle ball bat looks like a baseball bat, you can't really play baseball with it." Your friend laughed a little as you cried inside at the knowledge that you'd have to buy a whole new wiffle ball set because they don't sell the bats separately. Maybe it's like that, yunno, when you sit on the levis phone.