Levi's iPod Jeans Reviewed (Verdict: $300 For This?!)

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CNET Asia got their legs into the notorious Levi's iPod jeans—they probably have a cousin working in a sweatshop that hooked them up—and took it out for a stroll. Their thoughts? The jeans look and feel as good as a regular pair of jeans, but the pocket that your iPod slides into doesn't have enough protection, even though it's hidden to protect your player from thieves.


The built-in headphones have a retracting feature, which is nice, and your iPod is controlled by a durable joystick instead of a clickwheel. The red iPod connector cable actually has negligible effect on the sound quality, but we think the whole cable idea needs to be reworked since it's real easy to get caught on something. The only problem CNET found was that the stock headphones were quite lousy, somewhere on-par with the original iPod headphones. Everything else seems to somewhat justify the $285 price tag.

Levi's RedWire DLX Jeans [CNET]