First Pics of Levi's iPod Jeans

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Those ridiculous Levi's iPod Jeans have finally shown their denim faces—or asses, I guess. There's a big red cable sticking out of the jeans to connect your iPod to, and loads and loads of pockets to hold all your iPod accessories.

The construction worker/carpenter's pockets we can live with, but that red ribbon is going to get shredded the first time you get it caught on, well, anything. The result: a broken iPod and a snotty-face as you weep for your used-to-be shiny music player.


Levi's iPod Jeans [ - Thanks Willy!]

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You old farts are making fun of it cuz you know these pants were not developped with your age bracket in mind but I can totally see kids buying it. Plus the retractable earbuds are pretty kewl and much needed. Remote built into the pants is another good idea. Like those Burton jackets with remote buttons; in short I am happy to see more apparel with gadgets integration. Perhaps one day Dockers will catch up & make a subtle version of iPod pants so you can tuck in your shirt and walk the CES floor like that.