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Yup, even a staid brand like Levi's has decided to partner up with Apple. Announced at MacWorld, the two companies are bringing us Levi's Redwire DLX Jeans, which they claim will integrate iPod plug and play technology. Basically, this means that there will be an iPod docking cradle built into the side pocket—which the company promises will be virtually invisible. Dunno how they plan on pulling that off, but ok (especially if anyone wears their jeans as tight as this guy). Also expect a special 4-way, joystick remote control in the watch pocket and a retractable headphone unit to manage earphone wires (not sure where that will be just yet). No photos of these stunningly high-tech jeans and no price, but they will be available for both men and women sometime this fall.

The Original Denim Brand Kicks Off the Next Revolution in Digital Music Storage; The Levi's(R) Brand Launches First iPod Compatible Jeans Worldwide [Businesswire]