LG 50PZ950 3DTV Reviewed: One of the Best TVs Out There

Illustration for article titled LG 50PZ950 3DTV Reviewed: One of the Best TVs Out There

If you've been waiting years for a TV as awesome as the departed Pioneer Kuro get excited about the 50-inch LG 50PZ950 HD 3D TV. It might be the new titan of television.


It's not the first time a reviewer has proclaimed a new king of the HD mountain, but according to Sound and Vision, the LG 50PZ950's THX Certified display has amazing picture quality worthy of your Blu-ray collection. If streaming services are more your style, the TV has built-in apps for Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and even a web browser. (Holy WebTV!) The reviewer does quibble with the 3D performance, but the whole package looks like one of the best TVs out there. [Sound and Vision]

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If this is the same unit I saw at Best Buy I have to say the 3D is awesome! Uses regular glasses, not the lcd shutter w/batteries type. I know alot of people see 3D as a gimmick but I have to say when used properly 3D does add to the overall entertainment value of some content.