LG Arena Max Is Awfully Brawny For a Feature Phone

Illustration for article titled LG Arena Max Is Awfully Brawny For a Feature Phone

As we become more aware of the various viscera inside our gadgets, otherwise unremarkable gadgets seem suddenly... strange. Take the LG Arena Max LU9400: It's almost definitely a feature phone, but it's got the spec sheet of a Nexus One.


The Arena Max is a 3.5-inch screen handset with all the iron you'd expect, including a Wi-Fi, GPS and a five-megapixel camera, and a little you wouldn't, like a 1GHz Snapdragon processor—the same brain you'd find in the Nexus One, the HTC Touch HD2, and the Sony Xperia X10. In other words, it's a monster.

But if it's anything like its predecessor—and these early shots seem to indicate that it is—it'll be treated to (burdened by?) an in-house OS and UI, most probably LG's flashy-but-limited S-Class experiment. If you're the kind of person who doesn't fret over your phone's spec sheet this probably won't matter; if you are, you'd probably just buy a real smartphone anyway.

Anyway! The Arena Max is expected to launch in Korea soon, with a wide—including stateside—release following right after. [All About Phones via Slashgear]


High end smartphone class processor + low end dumphone class OS = ??????