LG BL40 Ad Offers Clues About How on Earth You Use a 21:9 Screen

When we last checked in with the lanky BL40, it was gussied up and posing for glamor shots. LG has followed up with a video that gets into how you're actually supposed to use such a strangely-shaped device.

Some of these features and interface ideas will be familiar from the earlier ad, but they're explained in more depth here. I particularly like the adjustable panes, which turn a single widescreen into two virtual screens, creating something akin to multiple workspaces. It's clever, but without laying hands on the phone it's hard to tell if the various other wide-optimized UI elements are features or compromises. [LG—Thanks, Tim!]



could this actually be an above average phone developed by LG? where am I? WHAT IS HAPPENING.