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New LG Chocolate Shown on Video, Crazy-Long Design Confirmed

Well, there goes the rest of LG's annoyingly gradual tease campaign: the next generation LG Chocolate BL40, with a 4-inch, 800x344 (21:9!), multitouch screen has been revealed in full in a leaked promotional video.


On top of the display, we can see a few more of the rumored specs confirmed: LG's in-house Active Flash UI, Wi-Fi, 7.2mbps HSDPA, a-gps, and a 5mp camera with flash all make appearances, and we get a healthy look at the phone's software, glimpsing the onscreen keyboard, browser, Google Maps app, card-based contact system, scheduler and email app.


In terms of usability, the ultrawide screen is the obvious wildcard, but the OS will be a equally—if not more—important factor. In combination with the promise of a multitouch glass capacitive touchscreen, the simulated screen images in the video inspire confidence, exhibiting smoothness, thoughful navigation and an eye-and-finger-friendly UI in most places, although without a proper smartphone OS, the Chocolate will still be a dumbphone at heart.

As for when we'll actually find out if this thing has the wherewithal to match up with its ostentatious wackiness, all we get is a vague "coming soon," which according to previous reports, means August—though it's not clear if that's the official unveiling—which is pretty much ruined now—or the date of actual availability. [LG Chocolate via Engadget]


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Ahhhh, how the iPhone has raised the bar. Seriously, question to all: Do any of you TRULY think that phones would look even REMOTELY CLOSE to this leaked Chocolate's UI if the iPhone wasn't released and Apple just stayed the fuck out of the smartphone game?