New LG Chocolate's Secret Feature Is an 800x345 Resolution 21:9 Cinema Widescreen Display?

LG's planning to milk teasers for the delicious-looking new Chocolate over the next month, but might have spoiled the surprise: They say its secret feature is an 800x344 display—yeah, that's a heady 21:9 aspect ratio.


Supposedly, the info was gleaned from a UA profile for the phone, technically the BL40, though we couldn't find any reference to any of those specs inside of it. Other info possibly revealed by the UA profile is that it's running LG's own OS and Obigo Q7.3 browser, and maybe a 5-megapixel camera.

It also almost seems too weird, even given the funky specs that the Korean phonemakers often resort to in their blood feud—I mean, hello LG watch phone. But at the same time, I could see an LG exec totally think that this is the best idea ever. Which would be dandy, just don't make it suck to use, okay? [ via Unwired View]

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