LG Bumping All LCD Monitors Fabbed After Sept. 1 to 5000:1 Contrast Ratio

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LG's contrasting up all of its LCD monitors produced after Sept. 1, pushing them all to a contrast ratio of 5000:1. They're all sporting some proprietary tech dubbed "Digital Fine Contrast" that supposedly "dynamically controls controls brightness." Flagshipping the 5000:1 contrast goodness are two new monitors: the L227WT (pictured because it's the sexier of the two) and L206WU.

The 22-inch L227WT is being targeted at gamers and graphic designers, with LG claiming it can reproduce 100% of the NTSC color spectrum using its f-Engine, the "world's first" color enhancement processor. It also has a 2ms response time. No price yet, but It'll be available in November.


The 20-inch widescreen L206WU lets you connect up to six monitors at once via USB without needing an extra graphics card. It also comes with DVI-D and D-Sub connectivity and it too has a 2ms response time. No price either, but it'll be out in October.