LG Chocolate HT972TR Home Theater System Looks Like an Overgrown Cellphone

LG takes this 5.1 home theater-in-a-box (HTIB) deeper into Chocolate territory with this Chocolate HT972TR Home Theater system, hoisting its four surround speakers into a vertical arrangement that mimics the company's iconic cellphone line. Topping it off is a touchy-feely control unit for its CD/DVD player that's almost a spittin' image of one of LG's swank but clumsy Chocolate cellphones. Besides this clever and evocative imagery, the specs are about average for this category.


Cranking out 1000 watts, just as most other HTIB systems of this ilk do, it's pumping 155 of those watts to the front right and left speakers, the two rear surrounds and the center channel speaker, with the sub getting the remaining 255 watts. And like many others, the control unit has an HDMI port, handles file types such as JPEG images and DiVx video, and can upscale DVDs to imitation-1080p video rez, impressive if you're one who is fooled by such things.

It's not LG's first foray into Chocolate territory for its home theater products, but this setup is most faithful to the original LG Chocolate phone's dark and shiny style. It'll debut in South Korea, and there's no word about whether it'll ever see U.S. shores. By the way, as is often the case with LG, it seems that we like the model more than the product. [Coolest Gadgets]


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