LG HSDPA Dual Slider Phones: LG-SGH100 and LG-KH100

LG adds two more HSDPA phones to their Cyon line this week. The LG-SGH100 and LG-KH1000 are almost identical save for a few key features. They're a double slider phones—slides down like a standard one, and slides sideways to give you widescreen video for HSDPA video calls.


The phones have a 240x320/320x240 screen, 1.3 megapixel camera, 2GB internal storage and 1GB of SDRAM for the higher end model and 512MB storage and 256MB SDRAM for the lower end one—not sure which is which, probably the one with the higher number gets better specs.

These phones are expected to be over $800, but probably not compatible with US carriers. Maybe if we write enough angry letters to LG, they'll decide to send one our way.

LG touts 'super 3G' widescreen slider phone [Reg Hardware]

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