LG KB6100: Makes Calls, Records Television

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LG just announced their KB6100 mobile phone that not only allows you to watch TV via Korea's T-DMB network (wireless digital broadcast), and can also record the shows you want to watch later in PVR fashion. These shows can either be played back during boring weddings/funerals or transferred to your computer via USB for later viewing.

The KB86100 features EVDO, MUVEE music video production, MP3 playback, dinky 1.3 megapixel camera, screen with 170-degree viewing angle and no word on how it actually stores video.


By the way: LG KB6100 is 10.95mm thick—skinnier than the RAZR by about 3mm. This is the first phone in a long time that's made me reassess my role as a US citizen. Seriously, this phone is so hot it doesn't need glam shots with a sexy Korean model; it is the model.

News Story [via textually]

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