LG Prada vs iPhone Comparisons Imminent, Stupid

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Get ready for an onslaught of LG Prada vs iPhone comparisons. They're both touch screens, but the only way an LG Prada phone can beat an iPhone is if the iPhone is a papercraft model. I'm not going to honor it by doing a side by side. My comparison last month, based off of previous iPhone use, still stands. [LG Prada vs iPhone Papercraft]

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So the real comparison should be the Nokia N95, many say. Well, I own one. And even though I like it, I'll be getting an iPhone as soon as it's available in Europe - but only if it's 3G.

Yes, I'm an early adopter of tech stuff. Yes, I like Apple even though I own more PC clones than Apple computers. I like Windows XP a lot and I also like OS X. I'm not religious and I don't dream about Steve Jobs. Does that make me credible? Hope so.

Point is, I used to have a Nokia 6310i until a few months ago when it finally died on me. I didn't see a need for anything but phone functionality on my phone, besides using it as a modem for my laptop when travelling. I hardly use SMS, and I always considered e-mail undoable on a small keypad.

Now that I have the N95, I more or less found out that browsing on a phone is actually pretty handy when you're killing time or quickly want to check something. Unfortunately, controlling the browser with buttons is not that great - even though the browser on the N95 has many features of the iPhone. Not surprising - many people don't realise that the Nokia N95 uses Apple's WebKit for browsing.

E-mail could be good but is still not great on the N95. There is no keyboard. The camera is great, the videos are very nice and the free Maps application is good too. But overall, the user experience is not very integrated. No clicking on a friend's address to navigate to it for instance. The CPU seems pretty slow sometimes, response times are not great.

The N95 built-in GPS is located on the bottom of the phone. Meaning that the display needs to face the sky to get a signal - which kinda makes it unusable in a car. So I have the N95 talking to a separate Bluetooth GPS antenna. (Something the iPhone could easily implement!) It's little things like that.

So for any user who just wants a headache-free phone, a viable alternative to a laptop for browsing and e-mail and an iPod to boot, I think the iPhone has appeal. Especially if you're a sucker for a beautiful interface. Hardened techies and exotic app users, look elsewhere.

Just MHO of course.