LG Put Some Shoes on Turntables and Suddenly I Care About Kicks

The LG Styler offers your sneaks a unique display, but nothing stops you from giving everyday objects extra mood lighting.

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Dizzy yet?
Gif: Kyle Barr/Gizmodo

After hiking up and down LG’s massive CES booth, the only coherent thought lingering on my mind was that microwaves have gotten too damn big in the intervening years since smart home appliances became popular.

Then I stopped by LG’s display of their upcoming Styler Shoecase and Shoecare, and I became hypnotized. It’s likely I was tired, and that my retinae have been burned by the company’s large light show screen above their booth’s entrance, but I can’t stop staring at these rotating shoes. Mind you, I’m nowhere close to being a sneaker head, but if I were going to display my kicks for all to see, and I had enough money to actually make such an endeavor worthwhile, then putting them on a turntable would likely be my first choice.

Inside the LG Styler Shoecare. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me clean my own sneakers after I walked 10 miles through the Las Vegas Convention Center just that day.
Inside the LG Styler Shoecare. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me clean my own sneakers after I walked 10 miles through the Las Vegas Convention Center just that day.
Photo: Kyle Barr/Gizmodo

The wifi-enabled cases themselves come in black and white only, for now, but an app lets you turn on the rotation and control the mood lighting for each individual sneaker. The company also opened up its Shoecare cabinet where there’s two sets of twin nozzles that stick into the sneaker’s collar and blast steam inside to disinfect and remove your feet stank.

If it sounds like a lot, it’s because it is. We don’t know price points or an exact release date but when your target audience is sneaker heads with a lot of extra money lying around, LG’s Shoecases could be an easy sell.


The Shoecase had already been revealed last year at IFA 2022, but this hands on put me in a mind of sticking many of my little crafting projects inside. Perhaps my best Warhammer miniatures could be worth some extra mood lighting. 

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