LG R400 Laptop: Say Hi to the Latest Hybrid

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Samsung may have got there first, but now fellow Koreans LG have joined the race to be at the forefront of the hybrid hard drive market with their R400. Online stores are already taking orders for the laptop, which boots machines using a flash-based non-volatile cache. As well all the normal hybrid benefits (longer-lasting laptops, quieter machines and less energy used) data processing will be three times as fast.


Other features include a 14.1-inch widescreen display, two wireless antennae, integrated 1.3 megapixel webcam, and BlueCore 4, a variant of Bluetooth 2.0. Estimated date of arrival is March 30 and it will set you back a smidgeon over $1,000.

UPDATE: Those lovely people at LG have set us straight. One, the image above is not the R400. Two, the R400 does not have a hybrid HDD. Three, they do have plans to release a laptop with hybrid HDD, but they haven't yet decided when. Apologies for the mistake.

Product Page [Online Electronics via The Inquirer]



Unless LG really cut corners on this thing, expect this to run for nearly 2 grand. A hybrid drive with the works for a grand? Yeah right.