LG Shine Gets All Moody & Sexy

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LG are set to add to their ever-popular Black Label Series by releasing the LG Shine in a new, sulky Titanium Black finish. To save any confusion at the checkout they're releasing this model as the 'LG Shine Titanium Black.'


The feature set remains unchanged from the original and it is planned for release at the end of July 2007. Initially it will be made available within the UK, France, Netherlands and Austria (no stateside plans yet).

The Shine used to prance about like Paris Hilton, driving too fast and pissed with the ramifications. The new makeover, however, wouldn't batter an eyelash at a stretch inside; instead it would take down the system and look suave doing it. [Product Page Via MobileMentalism]



@dingus: Zoolander would have found this phone to be overwhelmingly too large. All the same, the new titanium look kinda makes me want one now. Damn carriers! I want 9 different devices, but I'd prefer not to be at the mercy of at least 4 networks. *sigh*