LG XNote T1: Slim and Trim to the Max

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The LG XNote T1 is a 14.1-inch Core Duo laptop that claims to be the world's thinnest at just 21mm. Bringing the war of cellphone thinness to notebooks, LG has really compressed the thickness of this one—we're not sure if it's physically possible to build a laptop any thinner than this.

It'll be available in a couple of wide screen resolution choices including 1280x800 WXGA or 1440x900 WXGA+ , and you can also pack it with up to 4GB of RAM. Its Intel Core Duo L2300 processor runs at 1.5GHz, it has a 5-in-1 memory card slot, fingerprint sensor and of course, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. And, even with all this thinness, there's still a DVD burner inside.


All those specs are well and good, but just look at it. This is one gorgeous-looking notebook, and its improbably thin form factor and 4.2 pound weight certainly make it a candidate for traveling light. Pricing and availability weren't announced.

Product Page [via Akihabara News]