LG's Eye-Poppin' OLED TV Is Amazingly Thin (Eyes On)

LG has its own take on the future of HD beauty, and it certainly promises to be just that: 55 inches of 3D OLED glory slathered across a teensy-thin display.


We know that LG's previous claim of "world's largest" won't hold up anymore—Samsung's also kicking out a 55-inch OLED amazon—but LG has Sammy beat on dimensions. If svelteness is a virtue to you, close your eyes and smile at the OLED's 0.19 inch waist size (Samsung's offering is 0.3 inches). Not a profound difference, but holy damn this thing will be crisp and beautiful, both in form and picture. We'll let you know how it shines in person when we put our eyes on it—along with pricing and availability info. Expect the former to be quite steep.

Eyes On: OLED is no joke. Acronyms are often hype, but damn does this set look killer. The wafer-thin screen is terrifically bright, small details pop, and colors are gorgeous, making the rest of the panels on display already look like old tech.

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

"0.19 inch waist size (Samsung's offering is 0.3 inches). Not a profound difference"

When you get down to those thicknesses, I agree the difference isn't profound but you know they will definitely use it in their marketing and put a really positive spin on it. Like, "Our TV is over 35% thinner than the Samsung TV!"