Life Frite Uses Colored Lights to Make Bad News More Bearable

This here is a new comedy video about "Life Frite," which is pretty much a Lite Brite used to give people horrible news. It's hosted on the brand new, a site that promises to cut through the piles of garbage comedy videos on the internet and actually be selective. That's because unlike YouTube or FunnyOrDie, not everyone can upload videos. They make their own and hand-select people (mostly performers and writers from the two UCB Theatres) to upload videos, making the good to crap ratio much better than most sites. Check it. There's an even more absurd and less topical-to-this-site video after the jump.


Disclaimer: I perform at the UCB theatre in NY.

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Thanks for the disclaimer, Adam.

I thought this smelled a bit fishy before the jump, but at least you came clean about it.