Lifepop Stereo Pet Carrier: iPods for Dogs - no, Really

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This object apparently elicited "oohs" and "aahs" of delight from Hollywood's chosen few when they saw it as part of their pre-Oscar swag. Ewwwww. According to the PR blurb, this pet carrier brings "the 80's boom box ideal back and turns it into THE accessory built for today's fashion, technology, pet, celebrity and music-obsessed lifestyles."

I pity the pets - no self-respecting dog would be seen dead in a bag made out of something Great-Grandma might have worn to clean the house. Just to warn you, Kathy Hilton was seen checking them out, no doubt with an eye on a solution for transporting Paris around in, following her daughter's latest driving misdemeanor.

iPod-compatible pet carrier [TUAW]

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that kind-of looks like a german shepherd pup... which will explains why he will have a rather mean disposition latter in life :D