Lightning Review: Olinari Silver USB Dog Tags

The Gadget: Sterling Silver USB dog tags that hold a Sony Micro Vault USB drive inside, which lets you carry around USB storage without burdening your pockets with another gadget.

The Price: $349 ($319 if you don't want the 2GB Micro Vault)


The Verdict: Useful, but it's too expensive. Although it's very convenient being able to carry around a 2GB or 4GB USB stick for data without having to keep it in our pockets (already crowded by an iPhone, wallet and keys), Mark Wilson says it makes us look douchey when worn on the outside of our shirts. More douchey than normal, that is. In it goes.

The Olinari guys said that the sterling silver is actually a small part of the price, and that assembling and crafting the two pieces (which are soldered together) is what made it so expensive when produced on their small scale. That said, Olinari actually has a new version coming soon that's more affordable, customizable and will store different types of flash memory (not just Sony's Micro Vault). We've got no qualms with the build quality, so if they can get the price down to a more affordable $100-$150ish, we can definitely recommend it to everyone. [Olinari]

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