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Lightning Round: LED Rain Christmas Lights

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Gadget: LED Christmas Lights with Decorative Rain Light, feature 40 muti-color LEDs, various effects / speeds, clear wiring, and control box for selecting effect settings. What makes these lights different is the "Rainy" effect, that is produced by a clear bubbled end cap on each LED.

The Price: $19.95

The Verdict: The idea of using LEDs for Christmas lights sounds great, since they are brighter, save money, and last longer, but there is nothing about the LED Christmas Lights with Decorative Rain light that are actually appreciable. As soon as we unpacked the lights, we couldn't help but feel that the "Rainy" effect was hideous. We are tired of seeing Christmas lights that are supposed to imitate natural weather occurrences like icicles and now rain. So before we put these lights to use, we stripped every LED of it's ugly-cap, and in doing so, we found the next problem. It appears that every strand of LEDs are tied to the main cord by small tie-wraps that have had their excess straps cut off. Because the tie-wraps have been cut, it has left small sharp pieces of plastic along the main cord, which almost cut our fingers, like a million times.


Once we got the lights up and plugged in, we tested out the various lighting effects. With settings that range from waves to combination (or as we like to call it, going ape-shit), it was apparent the only setting that would do, would be normal. Since the lights are equipped with a control box featuring eight different effect settings, we figured there would be a simple "off" mode. But no, to turn off we had to unplug them from the wall, and in doing so, it reset our effect preference, leading to a random effect the next time they were plugged in.

In the end, we took down the LED lights and put up some big glass bulbed lights from the 70's, which actually give us the feeling of Christmas, and not a rave... (Cool LED Light)