Like Rainbows, Double Suction Cup Mounts Are Just Better

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The best Kickstarter projects are the ones you find that are already funded. Like JR Sanchez's MobileMount which uses twice the suction cups as other mounts, for twice the sticking power.

Where as most device mounts for phones, tablets, and GPS hardware only use a single suction cup to stick to a mounting surface, the MobileMount features a suction cup for the device itself as well. So there doesn't have to be multiple versions, each compatible with a different device. The suction cups also feature a twisting mechanism which serves to suck the remaining air out of the suction cup, providing a longer lasting and stronger grip.


For devices that feature a matte or rubberized finish, the MobileMount comes with adhesive vinyl discs that can be attached, providing a smooth place for the suction cup to do its thing. And a simple ball joint between the two mounts makes it easy to position and reorient the device, without having to break the suction seal. The Kickstarter project was originally seeking $20,000 in funds for tooling and building additional prototypes, but with fifteen days left to go it's already raised well over $63,000. So for a pledge of just $25, you can 'secure' one for yourself. [Kickstarter]

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