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Lila-Lou's Ankida Yacht Will Make You Long For A Journey

Illustration for article titled Lila-Lous Ankida Yacht Will Make You Long For A Journey

I don't even want to imagine what the price tag for Lila-Lou's finely-tuned Ankida yacht will be. I just want to lay on the deck and watch the wind hit those optimally-positioned sails as I drift around the world.


The entire driving force of the Ankida concept, aside from beautiful looks, is to have ideal placement for every part and get the most out of your escapes. Whether you prefer to move under only one sail, or test the performance of them all, you can easily do it with a hell of a lot of style. And while it's a still just a concept design, I'm already lost in daydreams of adventure and pirates. [Super Yacht Times via BornRich]

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nice cartoon, yawn, write about it when its real #lilalouankidayacht