Pirates May Have Captured Around-the-World Liveblogging Couple

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Paul and Rachel Chandler are a couple to envy. Still very much in love in their mid-fifties and spending their days liveblogging sailing trips around the world. Sailing trips through pirate-infested waters, where they may have gotten captured.


Perhaps it wasn't the best of ideas for the Chandlers to publicly post their position while going through areas which are known to be frequented by Somali pirates, but at least it gives us their last known whereabouts. Maybe it also gives some hope that it was merely some kind of temporary break in communication that paused their liveblogging instead of a pirate capture, but the cryptic final message of "PLEASE RING SARAH" leaves me fearing for their safety. [Lynn Rival's Voyages via Boing Boing]

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Wow....Very sad if anything happened to them, but really, I wouldn't touch those waters with a 100 nautical mile pole.