Link Found Between Long-Term Cellphone Use and Cancer

Bad news today for people who use cellphones but don't want cancer: long-term (10+ years) cellphone use has been linked with brain tumors. According to the study, people who had used cellphones for more than 10 years had a 40 percent higher chance than others of developing certain brain tumors. This news comes to us from the same British researcher who said that more research was needed to determine if there actually is a relationship between (long-term) cellphone use and cancer.


The researcher admits that now that we've seen what appears to be a true link between cellphone use and cancer, more research is needed. Couple these new findings with other frightening cellphone news (like how they destroy men's fertility), it makes you wonder why we still happily use them. Having only used a cellphone for three years, I don't appear to be at risk, but I'd wager that many of you fall into the 10+ years category. Is staying in constant communication worth all this trouble?

Mobile phone use 'linked to tumour' [Telegraph]

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