Using Cellphones For Too Long Destroys Your Sperm

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So it turns out that using a cellphone for extended periods of time can totally destroy your sperm count, lads. A recent study carried out by researchers in the U.S. and doctors in India found that using a cellphone for more than four hours per day both reduces sperm count and ravages what sperm you have left, leaving the little guys all but useless. The findings could be chalked up to all that lovely radiation coming out of cellphones, with the eyes, breasts and testicles being most likely to absorb those wacky waves. Oh, and texting is just as bad, too, apparently.

So if you have no interest in ever having children, tough guy, keep yapping away on that cellphone. Don't worry, you would've made a bad father anyway.


Men who use mobile phones face increased risk of infertility [The Daily Mail]

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