Linksys Jumps Hops Aboard the 802.11n Train With Router and Notebook Adapter

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Not to be outdone by Netgear, which a few weeks ago announced its very own foray into the unexplored world of 802.11n Wi-Fi, Linksys today announced the Wireless-N Broadband Router (WRT300N) and the Wireless-N Notebook Adapter (WPC300N). No longer making grandiose claims of 802.11n's capabilities, Linksys now says that the new Wi-Fi standard is "up to four times the range and up to 12 times the throughput of Wireless-G." The routers are available right now from BestBuy through an exclusive arrangement and will trickle into other retailers shortly. Expect the wireless router to check in at around $150, while the notebook adapter to check in at around $120. Of course, since the 802.11n specification is backwards compatible, so you won't have to throw out collection of 802.11b/g gear quite yet.


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