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I love spying devices—I mean monitoring devices. What's better than catching the cleaner red handed beating your cats or eating that leftover Chinese? Not much, I say. So thanks, Linksys, for coming out with an even better Internet camera. The Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera (WVC54GC-UK) is small (makes sense), and contains its very own IP address, so you can attach it to any existing Ethernet or Wireless network. Other features include automated monitoring from Intamac, which lets you record the video feed, storing up to two minutes of images when the camera detects any motion. And to keep you up to date, automated alerts can be sent via text message, a telephone call or by e-mail letting you know that motion was detected by the camera. Pretty sneaky, sis. If you're not able to access a computer at that time, you can also request that images be sent to your mobile phone via MMS or as a video clip. No price yet, but look for this camera in Spring of this year.