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Listen to DJ Earworm's Annual Mashup of the Year's Biggest Hits

Another year, another massive mashup. That means it's time for the United States of Pop, mixmaster DJ Earworm's annual amalgam of the top 25 Billboard hits of the year.


As usual, this mashup—which I, for one, always look forward to—is impressive. What we're listening to here is a hell of a lot of Lorde, Katy Perry, Miley, and JT. Some tracks you wish we could forget, another other songs you've been banging nonstop for nearly 12 months. Even with the stuff you're sick of (looking at you "Blurred Lines,") it bangs.

Did you almost forget that Nelly did another country song? I did. Did you forget how much Macklemore looks like Howard the Duck? I did not. Be sure to watch the video with it, because it's funny to see ridiculous music video clip after ridiculous music video clip stitched together. 2013 was a weird year. [h/t Pretty Much Amazing]

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Popular =/ good. I cannot fathom why people like songs that have the same 3 lines over and over that add a chorus of saying how they disregard females and aqquire currency.