Little Giants Figures Are Heroes With Brains, Not Brawn

All those muscles meant he could defend Eternia, but put a pencil in He-Man’s hand and sit him down in front of the SATs and suddenly he’s not so heroic. And is that who you really want your kids idolizing?

The Little Giants are a line of three-inch collectible figures featuring real-life heroes who’ve actually helped humanity here on earth, not in some far off make-believe universe. At launch the line will include Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Nikola Tesla, and Andy Warhol, but more will be added when the Little Giants’ Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is a success.

At the moment the Kickstarter is almost half way to its $10,000 funding goal, but you can help it along with a pre-order/donation. Ten bucks gets you an Einstein figure (who arguably should really be the leader of this gang) delivered closer to Christmas, and $50 gets you all five of them.


And if your kids can’t wrap their heads around why someone like Freud is so cool, these figures will look just as great perched atop your monitor at work. [Kickstarter - Little Giants]


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