Convention season is starting, which also means it's the less-well-known panel-pitching season. If I were coming to a city near you, what would you want me to talk about?

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I'll be in full guest-mode for at a scattering of events this summer, but what should I talk about? If you had the chance for me to present a talk, lead a workshop, or participate in a panel, what would it be on? Bonus points if you give me a title, as that's my least-favourite part second only to self-promotion.

Impromptu hallway-lecture on the importance of integrating real science into fictional storylines. Image credit: Mimi Erikson/Wonderlust Art

It's an anniversary-year for Stargate, so I'll be celebrating with a shiny new Stargate-science talk. The only question is, about what? The topic should preferably be tied to Atlantis or Universe as those were the series I worked on; I didn't directly participate in SG-1 so would have limited behind-the-scenes insights.

If you want me to visit a convention near you next year, make a pitch on why your local geology is totally worth the field trip.


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