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We're not sure exactly what's going on here, other than that it has something to do with a book. We think these children were forcefully ripped from their beds in rural Sweden, shoved into posterboard boxes and raised until they outgrew their little homes, and are now paraded at conferences and carnivals around the world, billed as "The iPod Boys and a Disembodied Afro". These boys with atrophied arms beg for alms but are passed over for fancier models. Truly the hunger artists of our age.


Update: We figured it out. These are Leander Kahney's boys. Leander is the author of The Cult of Mac. His sons were here to promote the follow-up, Cult of iPod. What we still can't figure out is why they're out of school on a weekday.

[Photo by Dan Lurie.]

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