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Live at Macworld: MacBrainiac Challenge

Macworld Senior Editor Chris Breen hosted "MacBrainiac Challenge V: A New Beginning," where two teams competed to see how much Mac info they had stored in their highly specialized brains—or Googled on the team Macs and ganked an answer from Wikipedia.

Team Smart Folders, headed by Jason Snell, vied with Team Force Quit, led by Dori Smith. The whole thing was an excuse for the best Apple in-jokes of the conference.


Breen asks, "In 1991, Microsoft introduced Word 2 for Windows. What version of Microsoft Word came out for Mac?" A contestant asks, Word for Windows/Mac question: "Isn't Microsoft our friend now?" "You're right," Breen replies, "they are, as is Intel." "We have always been at war with East Asia."

"We're friends with Microsoft for five years," says a contestant, joking about Microsoft's five-year commitment to keep updating Office for Mac. "After that, we'll be friends with Oracle," says Breen, "because Larry Ellison is a very nice man."


There's plenty of Windows-bashing. Breen plays narration from Gates's Vista (CNET has the original video) over a video of OS X doing all the exciting new things Vista will do. Later, Breen plays a video of Steve Ballmer freaking out onstage and makes a joke about Ballmer being nicknamed "the Bun-Warmer" (actually the nickname of the Newton prototype).

After rounds of multiple choice, a stunt question breaks the tied score ("We rounded off to the nearest hundred," say the judges). The teams have to locate six posters of musicians from the "Think Different" ad campaign, find Richard Dreyfus's narration from the "Think Different" commercial, and slap the whole shebang into an iPhoto slideshow.

"Anyone working for the RIAA here?" asks Breen. "Cause once this is up, it's a public performance, and we might have a problem." The Smart Folders win with quick Googling. "I'd like to thank the Internet," says Rich Siegel, "for all the illegal pictures."

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