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Just after head honcho Steve Jobs finished the keynote, I figured I d head over and attempt to gain some of his holy presence. I got a handshake in, but that was about it. I figured I d follow the 30-man posse just for the heck of it to see where the top execs, such as Jobs, hid for the rest of the show. During the scuffle—sorry, transport, I got kicked, shoved, and even punched, but I managed to take this shot. The picture nicely represents about how well I could see at the time.

If there s a lesson to learn out of this, it s never follow the Steve Jobs 30-man posse unless you re looking for the same kind of action you usually see at your local bar fight. I think I even saw the posse trample an older parlayed guy, though Steve did look back to make sure he was okay.