Live From CES: Quantum Disk From Atom Chip Corp.

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There has been much ado about the Atom Chip and their claims of quantum computing power. We found their booth at CES buried in the depths of hell. The product is very real and on display as a working model. Forget transfer speeds in megabytes, because when working with the Quantum Disk, it's FAST with 4GB a second transfer rates.

They are producing both an external hard drive and a laptop line. They work in Linux and Windows XP and haven't been tested with anything Macintosh/Apple. Sizes of up to 4TB come in something the size of a book of matches (the laptops weigh 4.18 pounds). Stunning. Expensive. Laptops are expected to sell for $17,500. I'm still VERY skeptical, only because this seems impossibly cool.

We're headed back there today for a second look. We seen these sorts of "claims" before and it smacks of Phantom-itis: Broad, exciting claims made in a certain, shall we say, "hysterical" tone by a lone genius.


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