Lockheed Martin Developing 'Maple Seed' Flying Cameras

Illustration for article titled Lockheed Martin Developing 'Maple Seed' Flying Cameras

The Pentagon is giving the war profiteers over at Lockheed Martin a nice chunk of change to develop a spy camera modeled after a maple seed. Loaded up with two rockets, the wee, single-winged camera would be used in large clusters over war zones, capturing loads of imagery to give a complete picture of a situation. In addition to the camera and rockets on board, the devices will be stocked with telemetry, communications, navigation and a power source. They look pretty neat to me, but it'd be nice if we didn't have as much of a use for them by the time they're developed. [Scientific American via The Raw Feed]



Next up...God files suit with Lockheed Martin for ripping off his patent.