Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, and DARPA To Create Military-Friendly Internet

Lockheed Martin is getting a $31 million contract by the US government to work on reinventing TCP/IP for a new Military Network Protocol. Also lending a hand in this effort to create a proper cyber-arsenal is Microsoft. What a team!

Based on what Lockheed Martin's John Mengucci is saying, the contract's main focus is to make preparations for attacks through our most beloved medium:

"New network threats and attacks require revolutionary protection concepts. Through this project, as well as our cyber Mission Maker initiatives, we are working to enhance cyber security and ensure that warfighters can fight on despite cyber attacks."


We're not really seeing much more information about the details of what Lockheed and Microsoft will be doing, but we can start shouting about Skynet anyway, right? [The Register via Slashdot]

Photo by YOO - Social Software for Business

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