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Boy, Logic Wireless has been chomping down the slimming pills since we saw their first projector phone a year ago. Just look at their svelte Logic Bolt V 1.5 now!


The Symbian S60 phone beams images in VGA 640 x 480 resolution, with a diagonal dimension of 64-inches (4-inches more than the first Bolt model). Battery life is pretty poor though, with the 2hours of projecting only just enough time to watch a film. Unless you're projecting, you can get 3hours of talk time, or 200 - 250 hours of standby time.


A lousy 2.6-inch QVGA screen ensures you'll be watching all of your content via the projector function, though interestingly enough it also has a TV tuner, though we'll have to wait until CES next week to find out more about the specifics there. There's two cameras, the forward-facing camera is 1-megapixel and the back cam is 3-megapixel, and a microSD card slot is present for storing extra content.

Logic Wireless has promised to show off their second projector phone next week at CES, though with all these external projector add-ons floating around for the iPhone and other handsets, the need for a dedicated projector phone is diminishing by the minute. That goes for you too, LG. [AVING]

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