Logitech's Windows 8 Touchpad Loves Gestures, Hates Wires

Logitech has given its Wireless Touchpad a much needed facelift that makes it look almost identical to Apple's Magic Trackpad—save for a sleek dark gray finish, and the lack of any wires.


You will have to top off its built-in rechargeable battery sometimes with a USB cable, but for the most part it won't have to stay tethered to your PC. A smooth glass surface accepts multi-finger gestures, up to thirteen of them from Window 8's repertoire, including a shortcut to the start screen for quickly firing up your apps. Unfortunately, because it relies on a 2.4 GHz wireless connection instead of Bluetooth, you'll need to use an included tiny USB dongle. But it can actually connect to six different Logitech peripherals at once so you shouldn't have to sacrifice too many USB ports. And you should be able to get your hands, and fingers, on the T650 later this month for around $80.

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[Logitech via Fareastgizmos]


Jamie Hunt

Not everything has to be compared to an Apple product.

There are hundreds, thousands of products and designs that are similar in shape. Its a form of technological evolution.