Logitech's Wireless Touchpad Is a Magic Trackpad for Windows

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You might be one of those people who find the old mouse and keyboard standbys inadequate. Quaint, even! Maybe you embrace touch as the future of computer interfaces. You might envy the Magic Trackpad, but lack a mac. Envy not!


The Logitech Wireless Touchpad doesn't quite have the same pizazz in form or name, but looks like it could at least replicate some of the functionality of OS X's stroke-able pad. At 5 inches across, it's got pretty much the same surface area as its magic Apple brother and supports up to four fingers at a time, though lacks the Bluetooth beaming and, very frustratingly, OS X support. Why not throw it in there and give Apple some competition? Logitech's mice are a hell of a lot better than anything Apple makes—it could very well be the same for this desk swiper too. [Logitech]

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I like holding a physical mouse... it gives me feedback I can feel.

Touch-anything will never win when it comes to gamers! Neeeeeeveeeeer!