Loki's Disney+ Show Now Has a Showrunner and Early Details Have Emerged

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The upcoming Loki show for Disney+ has its showrunner, and he’s from the world of Rick and Morty.

The Hollywood Reporter says Michael Waldron, who worked on Community and now writes for the popular Adult Swim series Rick and Morty, has been hired by Disney to write the pilot and executive produce the upcoming streaming Marvel series starring Tom Hiddleston.

According to their sources, the show will “follow Loki as the trickster and shapeshifter pops up throughout human history as unlikely influencer on historical events.” Which makes sense since we assume he’s staying dead post Infinity War. But, also, sounds like a million other shows, doesn’t it? Still, it’s Hiddleston and Loki, so one would hope it would have a level of swagger and evil giving it a unique touch.


Waldron is the third name attached to Marvel’s Disney+ output. Jac Schaeffer, who co-wrote Captain Marvel, is writing the pilot and executive producing The Vision and Scarlet Witch while Empire producer Malcolm Spellman is filling that role on the Winter Soldier/Falcon show.

We still don’t know if these shows are going to be limited (or how limited), specifically when they’ll be set, or even when they’ll debut on Disney+, which is scheduled to debut later this year. It’s obvious, though, that these shows are part of Disney expanding the Marvel brand out even further following Avengers: Endgame and the end of Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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