Illustration for article titled Lomographys Classic LC-A+ Now Has An Instant Back Accessory For Polaroid-Like Photos

Lomography already makes an instant back for its more popular Diana F+ camera, so it was about time they did the same for their classic LC-A+ model too. It brings Polaroid-like instant photos to the highly-saturated, soft-focus photography format.


The instant back will set you back a rather steep $100, and if you think you can write that off against the saving you'll make on rolls of 35mm film, think again. You'll need to load it with Fujifilm Instax film which you can pick up on Amazon (which in my experience, is heaps cheaper for Lomo products and film than the actual Lomography store) for $20 for two packs—each pack can produce 10 photos. So you're looking at around a dollar a photo, plus the cost of the instant back. Better use that film wisely. [Lomography via CrunchGear]


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