Illustration for article titled LomoKino Adapter Lets Your Phone Capture 35mm Movies Without an App

In addition to still cameras, Lomography also makes the LomoKino which lets retro enthusiasts capture 35mm movies in all their scratchy, grainy glory. But sharing those creations isn't easy, at least without this smartphone adapter which lets you digitize your flicks.


I find the lo-fi results of Lomography's gear a little passe at this point, but I have to admit this setup does look like an easy way to make your footage look like it was captured sometime in the 1950s. I mean it's not as easy as applying a filter to your digital video in post production, but the fact that you have to hand-crank the 35mm spool while your smartphone records the results does lend a convincing jerkiness to the clips.


The adapter itself is available from Lomography for just $25, but keep in mind it's useless without the accompanying $100 LomoKino camera and LomoKinoscope viewer. And of course the cost of film stock and development, which gets more and more expensive as less and less people use it. [Lomography via The Verge]

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