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London's Giant Shoebox Is Actually An Adidas Pop-Up Shop

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Pop-up shops are a dime a dozen these days but, when a brand decides to get weird, it's often memorable.


Such was the case with the recent Adidas project in London's Shoreditch neighborhood.

Designed to celebrate the launch of the new Stan Smith collection, this giant shoebox of a pop-up shop had a short run. The store was only open from January 16 to January 19, but it included "an interactive floor, a digital 'Stan Yourself' station, and a 3D printing post."


The "Stan Yourself" station gave people the opportunity to put their own faces on their shoes, while the 3D printing post let them make custom lace locks.

That's all very cool, but it's also very over—which is sort of the allure of pop-up shops. You have to hurry.

Whether it's a shack made of pantyhose or a party house made of shipping containers, pop-up shops are a little bit like unicorns: often rare, always fleeting, and typically awesome. [PSFK]